Just What Is Quinoa – A Brief Online Tour

It will be quick so fasten your seatbelts. But don’t you worry, reading on on what is quinoa won’t be taking you over the speed limit. And there’s no bumpy rides ahead of you because as the saying goes, it’s all good.

what is quinoa

If you’ve always loved whole grain foods, and you’re a fan of nuts, then you’ll love this. Quinoa is indeed a whole grain, and it’s got a nutty flavor too. Like rice and barley, it doesn’t take long to cook. Those of you who have been getting used to switching to raw foods or don’t have much time for cooking have got to love this too. You can enjoy quinoa just so with lemon juice, a dash of organic salt or olive oil. As was just said; it’s all good.

Because of its unusually high nutritional value, yes, believe this is so, quinoa is being popularly referred to as a superfood. Up, up and away you go to better health once you’ve acclimatized your regular (and healthy) eating habits to a super dose of quinoa. With quinoa you can never overdose so do enjoy it until kingdom comes. Nutritionists refer to quinoa as a pseudo food. This term is used to describe food that is grounded into a flour compound. But as was said earlier, this superfood can be enjoyed raw and uncooked. If you’ve got the hang of its taste it will surely drive you crazy. It could be addictive.

But in a healthy sort of way because no-one’s getting sick on quinoa. In fact, quinoa is helping folks to cure a whole lot of illnesses, including excessively high levels of gluten intolerance and the Celiac disease. Think quinoa and you’re no longer worrying about cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. But of course, actions speak louder than words (and thoughts). So get it into your habit. Get it into your healthy eating habits. Get quinoa in most of your healthy and organic dishes, cooked or uncooked.

Yes, quinoa is the mother of all foods. In fact, this is what the ancient Incas referred to it as. And yes, it’s been around that long. Strange wonder that we never discovered it before.